The audit evaluated in 2014 how Denmark oversees both the Ministry of Labor and the Work Environment Authority psychosocial risks that occur in the workplace and stressed that agencies should strengthen control in companies.

Psychosocial factors that employees are suffering through "intimidation, violence or threats" and whose consequences triggered in "symptoms of stress or depression." The existence of these risks affects organizations, in addition to the health of workers, the performance of the work.

According to a survey conducted by the National Research Center of Denmark, "14.6% of employees" suffered stress, harassment and physical and mental distress as a result of poor work organization.

Research also indicates that "approximately one fifth of all casualties -a long term- disease is caused by the psychosocial work environment."

The consequences are not only suffered by the employee, but also the company. It is that "sickness expenses" are large as well as "early retirement risks."

While Danish companies are those that have "a responsibility to ensure that employees are not exposed to security risks or health caused by factors related to the workplace," the Ministry Labor and the Department of Work Environment are responsible for supervising companies.

How? Through factors such as "workloads, excessive pressure to meet deadlines, threats and risks of violence."

However, the audit found that the bodies responsible "must strengthen control of the psychosocial work environment in companies".