After traveling geriatric Buenos Aires working with PAMI, the General Audit Office (AGN) found that some do not have emergency exits, natural ventilation and heating in the bedrooms.

The Watchdog visited five homes that serve the health care of the pensioners and noted that none have "fire ladders."

For example, the establishment of the sample 147 "lacks complete system of smoke detectors in some sectors", and 66 geriatric "the Fire Detection is not signed by a licensed professional" in its field.

Moreover, the AGN verified that the establishment number 64 "the dispensers of drugs are not individual, it is not correct disposable material management, the emergency kit is incomplete, with insufficient material", and has no lift stretcher.

The report argues that four establishments "have approved plans of facilities or technical certification of gas initialed by a qualified professional." Even in some "a plumbing plane is not displayed" nor is an electrical one.

In addition, the audit team said the geriatric number 80, "does not comply with the building code, it doesn’t have natural lighting and ventilation to urban space, the bedrooms do not have individual heating and not all the stove have outside ventilation." In turn, it adds that as provider 147 has an evacuation plan with "errors."

Even the geriatric 147 "had no title or lease," said the report, adding that "it did not meet the maximum of four beds and at least two per room, and the deposit for pathogenic waste was occupied with mattresses." As for the assistance, it is noted that the Multidisciplinary Assessment Folder center "is empty" and it does not have the weight and height data of the residents of PAMI.

The work of the AGN, approved this year on data from 2007 to March 2008, further to 96 service providers geriatrics, PAMI "made no control over the physical plant of 41 establishments" it says.

According to the Watchdog, health care renews the deadlines which give geriatric which to rectify its shortcomings, "despite the persistence of the same irregularities." In this regard, it adds that PAMI had 12 records violations and suspended by only two establishments in the Federal Capital "lack of hygiene and alleged mistreatment."