The Emergency Railway Operational Management Unit SA (UGOFE SA, for its acronym in Spanish), concessionaire of the operation of the train lines General Roca, San Martín, and Belgrano Sur, hired companies to perform maintenance work without guaranteeing the principle of transparency. So says a report by the General Audit Office (AGN, for its acronym in Spanish), which also explains why others violated fundamental principles of public procurement.

According to the watchdog, the UGOFE SA, formed by the Trains of Buenos Aires (TBA), Metrovias, and Railways Company "hired construction jobs, works, and maintenance services under a regime of private law" without ensuring compliance with the diffusion, advertising and competition, which should be taken into account by the "nature of the funds involved." In fact, the AGN assured that the dealership limited the concurrency of the contests by inviting suppliers of their private records and neglecting the Federal listings.

As for the works in the remodeling of the stations of the former line General Roca the AGN indicated that “the change in prices was validated”, this was presented by the company GYC Constructions, even though the deadline for submitting their contributions had already passed. In this case, the construction company said they "had made an unintentional miscalculation", so the work would be worth 21% more. Despite this, the UGOFE SA awarded them five construction jobs.

This, for the Audit, "violates equality bidders" and is aggravated by "the use of closed contests form" since the invitation was not made publicly and they prevented the menu of dealers from expanding, both in quality and prices.

Finally, the report adopted last year on data ranging from the creation of UGOFESA (in 2004) to December 31st, 2008, states that "there was a reference price pre-order contribution" to the work of improvement of the ex stations General Roca, "in order to establish the reasonableness" of the budgets.