This is dependent Printing Secretariat of Social Communication, whose function is to print all the graphic material of the City Government, from forms to the Official Bulletin. The City watchdog said employees are on average 26 years old and there isn’t enough staff for technical, administrative, maintenance, and security staff.

As reported by the auditors in their report published this year, "in 2009 there was a 20% reduction of permanent staff," but was not taken into account "the preparation of professionals in graphic arts or the incorporation of new technologies to replace gradually those vacant seats on the passing of workers and retirement." In fact, in terms of "maturity index", they noted that "it would be convenient" to hire and train new employees specialized in printing.

In turn, the AGCBA said there are “few employees" but congratulated the workers for the "professionalism in their work, a sense of belonging, and their continuity in the matter," because "they do the work despite all the difficulties and disadvantages that are presented by the deterioration of the building and the technology used.”

It’s that in their inspection on the site, the Audit found "exposed electric wires in various sectors, traces of moisture in walls and ceilings from water leaks and cracks produced by the vibrations due to the movement of trucks on the streets" of the establishment. Moreover, in one of the workrooms there were "several infrared screen heaters without permanently open air vents, according to Metrogas’ requirements."

It should be noted that the deterioration of Printing did not change despite the reports AGCBA performed in 2001, 2003, and 2007.

The described issues are clarified in the report on 2009 data, "they are important for the management of Printing, whether in terms of hygiene, occupational safety, or protection of inputs and materials" because it could "damage the paper deposits, delivery jobs, and machines, which can also ruin the electrical system, which is in a very bad condition."
Printing Problems with the Official Press Release

The Official Press Release of the City aims to broadcast all the acts of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branch. This is an obligation of the State, since the 2739 Act, the City can publicize on the government’s website but this "does not exempt them from publishing." According to the interview conducted by the watchdog responsible for the area, "before 2008, 2500 copies were printed out per day" and today it only prints out "25 units daily." They say the reason is that "the system used before printed other things," but also to "save paper".

Finally, some other observations "the task of printing the press release is carried out by one person" and that "there are problems with the Internet connection –the means for receiving the bulletin content-, for that reason, the information necessary for printing does not arrive in a timely manner. "