According to the Auditor General of the City of Buenos Aires (AGCBA, for its acronym in Spanish), the Directorate General of Care and Victim Assistance does not have enough staff for efficient operation, headquartered it shows signs of deterioration and precisely "by the wording of the issues discussed, spaces with privacy spaces allow victims to find an atmosphere of restraint", which is needed.

The unit, explained the AGCBA, "provides legal, psychological and social assistance to victims of crime and abusive acts or omissions of the State", in violation of current legislation on human rights.

The report, adopted this year on 2008 data, notes that in the dependent Directorate Undersecretary for Human Rights, "the physical space allotted is inadequate for the development of activities and services provided," adding that they do not have suitable technological elements. In this regard, it specified that "the computer equipment is obsolete and insufficient."

Moreover, the City Watchdog said there was a "violation" of the 1224 Act, "in regards to the offered training to police personnel, justice, health, social services and other public officials, to address the problem of victims and ensure a quick and effective help." Also, in the analysis performed, it was found that the training of the Directorate "is limited" and that approximately "58% did not receive any training" in 2008.

As for the records of the Center for Victim Assistance, the AGCBA said "the files are not preserved in a suitable location, lack binders and pages that make up the files are handwritten and often with illegible handwriting."

Finally, to complete its report, the Audit explained that "in place of customer service are crumbling walls, exposed wires, lack of proper ventilation" and "lack" of a place to archive records.