The usual satire is the chubby police officer that cannot run criminals because he is out of shape, like the character of Chief Wiggum in The Simpsons. The problem is when the caricature becomes real, just as in the Metropolitan Police.

The General Audit of the City of Buenos Aires (AGCBA, for its acronym in Spanish) assessed force management human resources and found that not only is the staff overweight but some are a grade two and three of obesity, considered "high risk" by the World Health Organization Health (WHO).

In men, the following data were observed:

About athleticism the Auditors found that women are 'looser'. The survey shows that only 9.8% of men have excellent performance while among women this percentage is only 1.4. Under the category of "very good performance" 29% male staff and female just 11.3 is located; while "poor performance" values obtained are 8% and 28.2% respectively.

This situation is the fact that "28% of police personnel were not assessed as current legislation requires."
On the shooting test there a very particular observation: "91% of the approved strength evaluation". The question is what happens with the percentage that failed.

The Metropolitan was created in 2008 by Law 2947, by the Superior Institute of Public Security (ISSP). Its aim is to "provide general safety, prevention, protection and security of persons and property." Article 50 thereof provides that there must be "a strict representation of both genders." However, "the cadre senior driving Superintendent and Commissioner General is made up only by male staff, as well as the degree of Commissioner Mayor."

The same pattern is repeated in lower ranks as among officers, where there are 64% of men and only 36% of women between sub-inspectors where 82% is male staff, just to name a few ranges.
The AGCBA’s report, which assessed the management of 2012, specifies that so far "the force had 3795 agents of which 70% were male and 55% were between 25 and 33 years of age."

It is also striking to note that the total number of police "38% were cadets ISSP, its own training center in the Metropolitan, while 27% came from the Federal Police and 25% of the Buenos Aires".

More on Human Resources

The field work of the audit took place throughout 2013. In August of that year "the Director of Human Resources Administration had resigned and by the end of the report they had not yet appointment a replacement."

The report, approved in May 2014, emphasizes that the force "did not provide templates or statistics of attendance, or a listing of contracts or levels of study," therefore "the AGCBA could not audit some issues due to the lack of that information."

The audit team also noted that "information about staff is not properly unified and classified with precise and easy management of records."


The police statute establishes two categories of staff: the "with police state" which is compliant security features and research, and the "no police state" which is the "comply support tasks."

The Metropolitan "has declared in its center it would have agents dealing on the outside.” It is estimated that “20% of agents are in this situation.”

Also in "in none of its files is there an Affidavit of Assets" and 70% of them "have no record of psychophysical examination."

On personnel records with police state it was detected that 16% had no evidence of psychophysical assessments, 93% lacked the results of the medical evaluation and shooting and 90% were missing the physical performance evaluation.

In general, they could not find "certifications courses in rise and leveling".