A report of the Auditor General of the City (AGCBA) noted "significant shortcomings in the procurement and execution of work" conducted by the Directorate General of Urban Regeneration in 2013.
In the Puesta en Valor of Florida Street, almost $ 20 million were spent in order to improve the transitability of the artery, to upgrade the luminaires and to organize the public space, for example, the installation of beds with vegetation and new lights.

While working "1475 m2 were incorporated that were not foreseen in the original proposal. As a result, "the contract amount was increased by 35% and the execution time by 40%", further showing "the lack of a comprehensive project and predictability in the planning thereof."

This failure is repeated in the construction of the Park Saint Tropez, located in Costanera Norte with an area of 7.5 hectares with a skate park, a longboard track and a snakebowl, among other spaces, which was tendered for $ 11 million.

In this case, the AGCBA also noted the lack of previous studies and that modifications had to be made, once the work began, that "increased the price of contracts by 27% and by 62% of working time".

The observation is again repeated in the endowment of signage identifying the Ecological Reserve, Costanera and the open commercial center Warnes that "due to lack of foresight they delayed 101% more than stipulated and contractual success increased by 15%."

All this, according to the audit team, is "worse because important elements of the contracts were lost" and, despite this, "no measures aimed at rebuilding the documentation to ensure control and history were taken."

A representative case was the putting into value of the low highway annexed to the Station of the Virreyes. The project aimed to respond to the informal parking that was operating under the highway from new luminaries, the incorporation of green areas and the demarcation of crossings, among other issues.

The works cost the State of Buenos Aires almost $ 7 million, as the capacity of the parking lot was also expanded. In relation, the Audit said that "the file did not have foliatura and was not complete because it lacked the offers and the file of publication in the Official Bulletin of the call for Public Bidding".

In addition, "it was not met with the processing of environmental suitability certificate or the warning to the contractor in case of defaults."

On this last point, and due to the multiplicity of similar cases, the AGCBA emphasized the existence of "imperatives in the handling of administrative and technical documentation", in addition to that "environmental matter was not fulfilled in any case with the current legislation".

The report, which was approved in September 2015, also warned of "inefficient inspection service that cannot detect shortcomings in time to take the necessary measures that oblige the contractor to reverse those anomalies."
As a result of these faults, for example, on the skateboard of the Park Saint Tropez "there are water leaks that hinder the activity and the longboard track is closed because the earth wall that composes it collapsed."

In the works of Florida Street, "constructive deficiencies were detected, such as subsidence, fissures or breaks and repairs that are not well resolved, with materials that are not adequate and with temporary or precarious solutions."