The General Audit Office (AGN, for its acronym in Spanish) found that a care facility for drug addicts did not remodel its building because, despite having the necessary budget, design drawings "exceeded their technical capacity" and when the center wanted help from the National Directorate of Architecture, they said they "lacked personal and drawers.”

This is the National Center for Social Rehabilitation (CE.NA.RE.SO), under the Ministry of Health, which provides comprehensive assistance to addicts, develops preventive and training of specialized human resources tasks.

The AGN carried out follow-up work in the CE.NA.RE.SO, adopted this year on data for the period November 2007-May 2008 to verify the degree of regularization of deficiencies identified in a report of 1999. This form, found that several aspects were still "pending compliance."

The Watchdog's report states that the renovations in question should be made in 2006 for $ 260 thousand, and in 2008, for $ 600 thousand. However, none of the work was executed.

For CE.NA.RE.SO headquarters in Combate de los Pozos 2133, Parque Patricios stands out. In fact, the recommendations should be made in 2006 and 2008 aimed at addressing the deficiencies in building structure that had already been observed in the first report of the AGN, for example in the area of Inpatient Crisis.

Furthermore, to the facilities’ technical limitations and lack of draftsman of the National Directorate of Architecture, the latest report adds that the Director of the agency "lacks the authority to hire public works."

In 1999, the women's bathroom area Inpatient Services Crisis "was closed because of leaks and the men’s had deficiencies.”

But in this report, a "general deterioration" was observed in the sector, the AGN presented “the age of the building and lack of repairs." It also indicated that there is only one bathroom available for 32 people, "the roofs had areas of detached masonry unrepaired membranes, moisture and leaks."

However, it stressed that they had painted the walls of the place, an activity carried out by the patients themselves "as part of the treatment protocol."

Moreover, the report notes that "the (external) referral of patients is done by telephone and in an informal way, using contacts made by professionals," although previously the Watchdog warned that the Center did not have "formal circuits" for this procedure.

Even the latest work adds that in mid-2007 CE.NA.RE.SO hired social workers to, inter alia, to "improve the operating branch" but that until May 2008 the circuit was still not formalized.

Despite the recommendations of the audit, the Center "does not develop impact indicators" for which the AGN considered to be "difficult to measure and evaluate" clinical effectiveness of their treatments. It also checked that the home "still doesn’t systematically analyze the implementation of activities under" does not have an Institutional Strategic Plan and also has "a cost system, or intended for design."