The supervision of the National Animal Health Service (SENASA, for its acronym in Spanish) on products of animal origin are only made at authorized to export goods to the United States and the EU institutions, and there is no documentation that these studies are carried out on companies dedicated to domestic market; in fact, the body has only a listing of these companies, and the list’s most relevant data is whether or not they are active. This is one of the conclusions of the General Audit Office (AGN, for its acronym in Spanish), after a study of the various components of SENASA dedicated to quality control and safety of food products.

The AGN observed during the period of its work, 2005-2006, the "unreliability of the systems of food control", an essential task of SENASA. Moreover, the offices "do not formulate management plans to ensure compliance with the assigned functions."
The differential treatment of undertakings engaged in the domestic market originates in the Control Directorate of animal products, although that, according to the AGN, is not the only agency that has irregularities. Establishments Coordination Industrializes supervisions cannot prove that, in theory, it should be performed on non-exporting companies. The area of Birds, Eggs, and Animal Hunting, meanwhile, only has simple documentation of controls made on 14 firms that export to the EU, of a total of 44 active companies.
The use of spreadsheets for assembling databases also causes failures in two other units of SENASA. In the Beekeeping area, recording local honey extractors are "not reliable" says the AGN. On the other hand, the Directorate of International Traffic in addition to "not formalizing a supervisory structure of border posts" made its registration of importers and exporters on spreadsheets in which data can be modified without leaving evidence of changes and not including dates or the border operator’s IDS.
The Audit received documents on the program of visits scheduled for 2005 to firms that should check the activities in port and concluded that the SENASA "failed to set the technical criteria for the selection of control entities." In addition, in the plan only the port and the quarter in which they were going to do the studies are indicated and no human resources are specified, nor are the number of transactions to verify or the universe of operations involved. Therefore it is "not possible to know the true significance of the sample", completed the AGN.