On January 6, 2010 the Official Deputy Inspector Juan Cañupan was working as usual at the police station 29 of Balneario Las Grutas. At one point, as a matter of convenience, he left his 9 mm caliber gun with the two other partners in the where administrative and judicial inquiries were saved. At some point, unknown persons stole from inside the cabinet the gun and handcuffs holder.

The above lines could belong to a fictional story, but no. It is part of a judgment of the Court of Auditors of Rio Negro. The officer was sentenced to "repair the damage of the Provincial Government with his negligent conduct after the disappearance of the weapon the police institution provided to the officer.”

The officer in question argues that "it was a casualty and atypical situation and was not negligent in the custody of the weapon since it happened in the police station, which is the best place for safekeeping." Where else?

However, the Chief of Police considers the staff "has the obligation to carry the weapon without exception." He also stressed that "there is an increase in the number of stolen weapons regulatory agents" so it is necessary to "notify staff on that duty."

Having lost the gun within the police department, the same institution, "in the exercise of disciplinary powers by law correspond" Cañupan was sentenced to 20 days in jail for committing a serious offense.

For its part, the Court of Auditors officer convicted the financial loss suffered by the provincial government and sentenced him to pay $ 6,981.83 for the value of lost weapons and respective interests. 

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In the same police station another peculiar situation occurred again qualified by the inspection body as "negligence", but the lost object was a portable communication device, better known as radio receiver/transmitter.

The incident occurred on January 30, 2010 about 17 hours when the circulating agent Hugo Lagos aboard his police motorcycle covered by the usual prevention by Lake Gutiérrez Balcony. During that round, "he lost the device that was between the speedometer and plastic front of the vehicle because the hook for carrying equipment to in his uniform was broken.”

Administrative investigations prosecutor considered that "the custody of the state element was negligent and therefore blamed the agent for the loss to the provincial treasury." The fine was $ 2,095, 10 by way of the lost object and interests.

It also happened to the officer Luis Pichihueche that develops his work in the police station 28 of San Carlos de Bariloche. After an operation in September 2006, in which a person was pulled over, the agent returns to the office and even though he states to having left the handheld transceiveron the office desk, the weapon disappeared.

The Court of Auditors failed as in the previous case but the sum this officer had to pay was $2,516.09. The events took place in 2010 and 2006 but the sentence was given this year.