The Chamber of Control of Armenia, the Watchdog of this country, conducted an annual report, which addressed, for example, environmental matters high priority. Thus mentions the Khosrov National Park, a reserve of State's National Center for Educational Technology and the State Environmental Inspection, where "substantial problems" were detected.

First, the inspection agency reported "cases of unauthorized use by individuals who violate the conservation regime of the Reserve plots."

For example, instead of using a plot of land of 1375 m2 for the maintenance of 117 buildings operated property rights, "three to four hectares are used without authorization."

This situation adds that the habitants of the old rural settlements Gyolaysor and Gylanlar "violate the regime of preservation because they exercise agricultural activities."

"The preservation of flora and fauna is out of control," say the auditors, who say that the causes are grazing and hay production.

It happens that there is an "absence of roads in hayfields" and areas of the National Park "are being used for agricultural purposes." In addition, "there are not enough signs and technical devices and border control inputs" to Khosrov.

Another outstanding irregularities is that the borders "do not meet the requirements of development of ecosystems." In the management plan 2010-2014 of the State Reserve, "it was proposed to integrate 5849.7 hectares in the territory", which would make the most comprehensive regarding the inclusion of habitat area; but until 2013, the year in which the report was made, "the measure was not applied".


The security measures implemented deserve a separate paragraph. These "are not efficient" because each inspector, which do not have "technical and transport supplies necessary", is responsible for an area of approximately 700 hectares, for auditors "unreasonable".

Similarly, the Inspection Service and local government agencies "did not carry out proper control over the application of the laws of Armenia on land and waste."

In fact, the auditors found that the garbage is disposed in landfills "unauthorized and in the fields that are near settlements, roads and water tanks."

With regard to cases of contamination of surface water, 151 reports between 2011 and 2013. However, the Inspection "took no Action."