In the City of Buenos Aires there is a health center that has a space intended to the attention of patients with reduced mobility, but it is inaccessible. It is the kinesiology service of the Ricardo Gutiérrez Pediatric Hospital which, according to a report from the Audit of the City of Buenos Aires (AGCBA, for its acronym in Spanish), is located on the first floor and has an elevator that "does not work regularly." In addition, the place "does not have a toilet for patients with disabilities and parallels (exercise bars), the walkers are from 1959," and are not prepared for pediatric use.

The City Watchdoganalyzed the status of other pediatric hospitals in the City and, in general, concluded that there is a lack of human resources and supplies at most health centers.

The lack of personnel is especially recorded in the case of anesthesiologists. In fact, from this they generate "long waiting list for the scheduled surgeries". In some health centers, anesthesiologists do not cover care in the operating rooms of the morning shift.

The AGCBA analyzed the management of pediatric hospitals Garrahan, Elizalde (ex Casa Cuna) and Ricardo Gutiérrez, where children's surgeries are carried out in the public area of the City of Buenos Aires. The report, approved this year on data from 2008, says that nursing staff, backpackers and "anesthesiology hours" are missing, and also points out that the surgical supplies that were purchased are of "poor quality" and that they do not fit their needs.

Regarding the Garrahan Hospital, located in the Parque Patricios neighborhood, the AGCBA says that the neonatal intensive care unit serves fewer children than it could: "Due to lack of equipment and personnel, it can only accept up to 55 children as Maximum, although it has the capacity to admit 63 patients." Instead, in the general surgery service, beds are the "limiting" factor. It was noted that for this reason "planned high risk" interventions had a "two to three month delay."

Meanwhile, the head of the general surgery division of the Ricardo Gutiérrez Children's Hospital in Recoleta said that the number of nurses "are insufficient" and that "stretchers are missing", even because of this problem, in the same health center, but in the area of cardiovascular surgery, "residents are responsible for the transfer of patients." But this is not all, the intensive care room "has only 6 beds enabled the 14 available," because it does not have the necessary nursing staff.

In addition, the head of the neurosurgery area stressed that although they have the equipment and "the human resource to perform epilepsy and spasticity surgeries," the operations "cannot be performed due to the lack of neurophysiologists, technicians and trained nurses." The service has "a waiting list with delays of 6 months to a year", this is due, according to the person in charge of the sector, that they do not reach the hours of anesthesia.

On the other hand, regarding the hygiene and safety measures, the auditors observed that in the operating room area of Garrahan Hospital "there was a pool with formaldehyde," and that the corridors were used as "parking of cleaning carts and elements in disuse". In Gutiérrez they verified that "the refrigerator of the morgue has 40 years and problems in its operation", mainly, emphasized the Auditors, "in summer".