The Court of Auditors of the province of Mendoza decided to fine those responsible for Development Management Consortium with $ 1,500 for the shortcomings in the accounting of public funds for micro enterprises during 2013. Those who received the sanction were the President, Secretary and Treasurer. In addition, it was decided "to intimidate them and each of the organizations receiving grants to submit the outstanding documents of surrender under penalty of bringing charges for funds not rendered."

Consortium Development Management "is a micro financing tool for social economy enterprises and a tool for strengthening different organizations."

It was established in 2007 and is under the Administrative Organization of National Microcredit Committee (CO.NA.MI).

But as was noted by the Watchdog, based in Mendoza it had "poor management for rendering of accounts documented and presented in a timely manner."

The current agreement provided that "local organizations have a deadline of funds four months from the date of agreement and completed it 30 days to account." If as a result of the latter a surplus is not used "in six months it is to be reimbursed to the Administrator."

One of the debtors for breach of these terms, is the National Association for the New Argentina, that through an agreement signed in November 2012 got a grant for $ 222,275 that "was never accounted for," and that they did "not even answer the request Consortium about it."

Cotraavi LTDA made an incomplete render as presented in the form of justification of $ 98,602 and the sum was granted through a microcredit of $133,365 so "would detract from $ 27,000."

Similar was the situation of Community Solidarity Network in Action "as stated in the record it received $133,365 by filing $125,175" lacking $8,189. "Value reached by the audit from a mathematical calculation because the affidavit filed by the agency was incorrect."

Mendoza Tribunal's report refers to other cases like this and adds other shortcomings such as "lack of files of the rendering of partnerships, shortcomings in the affidavits (they do not match the investment made and the supporting documentation) and breach of manual surrender."

Given this situation, the Provincial Watchdog decided "to form separate pieces" of each of the slopes or poor renditions "so that those responsible provide outstanding renditions" in addition to the fine and penalty of indictment.