The various units of the National Commission for Transport Regulation (CNRT, for its acronym in Spanish) responsible for verifying the state of public and cargo vehicles, show a "coordinated inaction" that does not guarantee the safety of the units and the reliability of their controls. According to a report by the National Audit Office (AGN), the national technical review system presents deficiencies in mechanical workshops and "administrative anomalies" in the sanctions regime, the same irregularities that had already been detected in previous studies in 2002 And 2007.

The control system has three instances: the Technical Review Workshops (TRT, for its acronym in Spanish), which inspect the vehicles; The National Executive Transportation Consultant (CENT), which administers the registration of authorized workshops and supervises their operation; The Secretary of Transportation, which dictates and applies the current sanctions regime; And the own CNRT that does macro audits on all the circuit.

The AGN report says that the controls of the workshops are "deficient" and lack objectivity, which "creates uncertainty regarding its credibility." Also, the limited equipment of the TRT causes steps to be skipped in the verifications.

On the other hand, the National Executive Transportation Consultant "does not adequately supervise the building and infrastructure conditions of TRTs", nor does it control the calibration of the equipment used by technical personnel. According to the Audit, this unit does not give details on its procedures, nor does it consider expanding the universe of verifications that are made year after year. In fact, the effective fulfillment of its work "is far from programmed", and the use of the resources with which it counts is "inefficient".

The watchdog states that the CNRT is confining its work to macro audits, which also record "some deficiencies."

In addition, the application of the current sanctions regime, under the authority of the Secretary of Transport, presents "administrative anomalies", as procedures that exceed "reasonable times."