In 2011 the Commissioner of Public Works of Rio Chico in the province of Rio Negro, received $47,500 to repair 250 kilometers of roads. The responsible for managing and paying those funds was the commissioner Roberto Manquilef. Three years later, the Court of Auditors decided to issue fines for breaching his function.

What the Watchdog said in its ruling was that "it could not prove the effective investment of funds or the accountability of the expenditures."

The truth is that, on the one hand, there were expenses that were "not accompanied by the original invoices,” like the one with the company "Transport Tino", issued on April 14, 2012 for $35,200, or the two tickets for fuel bills "The Birches SA", both for $4,049. The corresponding payment receipts were not attached.

Of the total money allocated for the works there were $153 left over that should have been returned to the Treasury of the Province. However, the Court stated that it "found no evidence of return or investment of that amount", therefore, breaching the provisions of the regulations.

The deadlines on the investment were not respected. They had 60 calendar days to spend funds and 30 to present accounts. This is perhaps the most important observation, but is also accompanied by a mitigating factor: at that time the Puyehue volcano became active, resulting in the breakdown of tasks.

This situation is the fact that both the Chief Conservation Area as Chief Engineer Road Vial of the Rio Negro State company said that "they have no records that repair work was performed by the administration or by any other contractor."

All this led the Local Court of Accounts to "not accept the accountability for $47,500 for road repairs" and "fine Maniquilef with $73,335.25 in fines due to his responsibility with that task. The amount equals the total not accounted and the  interests for the elapsed time.