The General Audit of the City of Buenos Aires (AGCBA, for its acronym in Spanish) detected that "only two of the six Integrated Centers for Women (CIM, for its acronym in Spanish) have a social worker." They are Alicia Moreau and Minerva Miraval and this happens despite the fact that "the Protocol of Integral Care for Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence recommends that there be at least one in each center."

The Coordinator of the CIM, Elvira Rawson, told the AGCBA the need to have a professional of these characteristics since "when providing personalized attention, it is the social worker who carries out the articulation and referral, as appropriate, to the health centers, employment and trade programs, early childhood centers and other institutions."

The Victims of Violence Assistance program, which is part of the Women's Bureau, aims to provide care to those who suffer domestic and sexual abuse, both women and their children.

Within this framework, the Integral Women's Centers are working to bring answers, guidance and assistance directly and free of charge. Those who arrive at these centers must "be attended by an interdisciplinary team composed of psychologists, lawyers and social workers who, after evaluating the case, develop a strategy of approach."

If comparing 2011, the year of the previous audit, with 2014, in the three institutes that are the subject of the report, Isabel Calvo, María Gallego and Elvira Rawson, "the human resources situation is aggravated" since "the Professional staff dropped from two to three in the centers visited."

As can be seen in the table, the Elvira Rawson Center went from having eight professionals in 2011 to six in 2014, while the number of people served increased from 509 to 541. To take a dimension of what the loss of personnel means, in 2011 the average patient care per doctor was 63.6 while in 2014 it was 90.

On the other hand, the audit team detected "the need to condition, repair or change the areas where the activity of these Centers is developed for their general conditions of building infrastructure."

For example, in the Maria Gallego Center there are sectors where the ceilings are missing and there are "exposed electrical cables". In the Isabel Calvo, "there was no closet in the file of the people attended."

In general, "deteriorated floors, lack of heating and cooling appliances and faulty sanitary facilities" were observed, among others.

The Children

The Audit reviewed the agreement between the Ministry of Social Development, on which the program depends on, and the Civil Association for Child and Adolescent Workers (PRONATS, for its acronym in Spanish), whose objective was "to assess the situations of abuse and sexual abuse suffered by children and adolescents in the City of Buenos Aires."

The report details that "a subsidy of $ 894,960 was set that would be made in monthly disbursements of $ 74,580 the first two months and then would be $ 96,954." These amounts represent almost 40% of the budget earned by the Victim Assistance Program.

However, "it was not possible to verify the existence of documents that formalize the supervision tasks that, according to the agreement, the Ministry had to do". Faced with this situation, the agency considered that "the absence of fundamental control mechanisms to ensure the correct use of resources is evident."