There are two ways of payment of family allowances, one is called the System Compensatory Fund, according to the ANSES, it allows the employer to pay the allowances paid by the State to all its employees and then receive a rebate on employer contributions owed, and the Single System of Family Allowances (SUAF) mechanism by which ANSES settled and paid directly to workers without employer involvement.

The report details that the agency "did not implement controls" to prevent paying twice the same grants in cases where one spouse works for a company that is settled by SUAF and the other by the compensating system; Meanwhile, the competent administration of the ANSES said on the subject that crossing data was scheduled.

The AGN found, in its report adopted this year on 2008 data, given the same risk when one parent works for the municipal, provincial or national public sector, because the agencies "do not report family allowances paid in a sworn declaration".

As for the clearing system, the audit said that until December 2008 it had not been paid for the reinstatement of more than 23,000 cases with a total value of $12,621,122. Even in June 2009, employers reached an average of 324 days without collecting the compensations.

Moreover, the AGN analyzed 21 records that should be verified before their pre-settlement (stage data validation) and found that the verification process took on average of 190 days and one even "took an entire year" to complete this process. There were 36 refunds that had to be checked after settlement but it was found that "none" had been verified.

Late. Finally, it should be noted that in December 2008 there were more than four thousand applications for reimbursement, already paid, but pending verification, of which "80% corresponded to the years 1999, 2000 and 2001".