Although there were no financial reasons, the Directorate General of Green Spaces of the City of Buenos Aires did not reach the goals set for 2008. It under executed 75% of its budget; so says a report by the Audit of the City of Buenos Aires (AGCBA, for its acronym in Spanish), which also expresses the dependence carried out "inefficient management."

At the time of the audit, the current budget of the Directorate was $ 19,373,678, of which $ 8,883,969.91 was accrued, i.e. it under executed the 54.15% of their funds. However, the AGCBA found that "real underspending amounted to 75%" because "they were accused and accrued expenses as fixed assets" totaling $ 4,490,840.42 that did not correspond to the Works programed in Green Spaces.

The report, approved last year on 2008 data, adds that 27% of the amounts awarded to different companies for the execution of works were higher than the official budget. In the square Alfredo Palacios, for example, the company Altote was hired by $ 435,532.58, when the "official budget date" established to be allocated $ 231,525.40.

In turn, the Audit compared the files of the works for 2008 with those made in 2009 by the Internal Audit of the Ministry of Environment and Public Space, and determined that there was an "over evaluation of the official budgets." For the category of security fence, and signaling gateways of the Brumana Square, 187% more than was budgeted calculated in 2009 and in the Luna Square, for the same item, 79% of the initial value was overvalued.

The Buenos Aires Audit verified that the first certificate of each work, "94.1% of them did not have all the necessary documentation for payment and 37.5% did not present any documentation at all."

It also found "weaknesses in internal control", since "there was no division of functions" in regard to the administration of the work contract and the technical supervision of the same, and "lack of planning" was also registered. It had conducted a survey at the beginning of the year that would plan the work in squares and parks.

To finish their report, the AGCBA notes that "by virtue of irregularities in the bidding process and the lack of planning and timely inspection of the works, it is concluded that the work done by the Directorate General of Green Spaces in 2008, is inefficient and ineffective in all aspects."

"It would be helpful, it adds that the statement be taken as a starting point to reverse a situation that is set along various administrations, involving budgetary resources whose use does not meet the needs of works in squares and parks of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires."