Did you know that the superintendent of the building must be enrolled in a registry and must present its annual earnings? Failure to meet these requirements may be reported. However, the data loses strengthens when the Auditor General of the City of Buenos Aires (AGCBA, for its acronym in Spanish) detects that "of the 412 cases filed in 2012 in the Public Registry of Administrators of Consortia none earned a resolution and consequently no one was punished for not complying with their obligations."

To this it is added that "to resolve complaints there are only two lawyers" who, considering the volume of complaints "must attend one every four hours." The auditee said "is in severe operating restrictions due to insufficient staffing."

But the problems in the number of employees are not exclusive of the legal sector. In the area of the City "there is an inspectorate that is assigned the task of monitoring the activities of the administrators."

The coordination of the agency explained to the AGCBA that "a pilot test conducted with the staff of Fair Trading, who took to the streets to fulfill their common tasks and new," but was "unsuccessful."

Persons performing operational burden of registrations, complaints and inquiries are also scarce. It is important to note that without the record "the activity becomes illegal." In total there are 21 agents of which seven are responsible for customer service.

The Public Register of Administrators Consortium was created by Law 941 and commenced its activities in July 2003. Its functions are to "serve the venturers and consortium managers, managing claims or complaints on the activity and provide the enabling plates" among other issues.

It is a unit of the Department of Defense and Consumer Protection. In this case the word "dependency" is applied in its strictest sense because "the decisions and functioning obey this distribution." So much so, that the record "also decides on its budget."

In 2010, "this activity occupied 3.09% of the budget of the Department of Defense and Consumer Protection, but by 2012 this amount dropped to 2.78%, which implies a reduction in terms of share of 10%."

The AGCBA’s the report, which assessed the management of 2012 and was approved in 2014, it follows that "up to December of that year asset managers registered for Registration was 4892 and declared superintendents under its orbit exceeded 28,300." However, "the audit found differences between this information and the information provided by the Directorate General of which it depends." It is that the latter signed 5,016 and 23,905 respectively.

The Leave

The Register of Directors had an administrative leave from July 13, 2011 until September 13, 2012 to carry out renovation and restructuring of the building on Avenue Patricias Argentinas 277. As stated in the report, including round trips arrived to reach 39.6% of working days.


Because their actions depends entirely on the Directorate General, since they have limited staff "at least since 2008" and the extended break the AGCBA considered that "the Registry developed its activities and met its limits in a reasonable manner," but that "higher bodies should take appropriate steps to strengthen performance" since the administration of the buildings in the City of Buenos Aires "is of importance to the public interest."