The AGN is responsible for supervising the national public sector and, by law, "has the power to require the cooperation of all state entities to provide the data, documents, records, and reports related to the performance of their duties”. The fact that the Federal Public Revenue Administration granted no such data "prevented progress in a timely manner" to the audit, hampering the work of the inspection body, which had planned to analyze the development of the project from 2005 to the first quarter of 2011.

After the first order, the AGN reiterated the request for information in August of last year. In October there was still no response, on the 16th of that month, "the College of Auditors considered giving notice of the situation to the highest authorities." In this case they included the Joint Parliamentary Committee Reviewing of Auditors, the Comptroller General of the nation, and the High Authority of the AFIP. Therefore, if the entity’s silence persists, the opinion states that "AGN should proceed to take legal action to enforce their constitutional and legal rights."

After some twists and turns, the AFIP provided the requested information on the fate of state funds made out to the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Foundation for building homes of the Mission Shared Dreams program. These are the resources for which the Judge Norberto Oyarbide prosecuted Sergio and Pablo Shocklender for embezzlement. The request went through several instances and the AFIP took their time to respond, but eventually on November 6th, 2012 they submitted the information.