A report by the Auditor General of the City of Buenos Aires (AGCBA, for its acronym in Spanish) notes that the "inefficiency" of the leaders, who are responsible for managing the debt judicially with the Treasury, the public purse caused an economic loss of $ 18,052,302.

The figure comes from the sum between the amounts of archived causes ($ 6,853,377.62), paralyzed ($ 11,176,868.84) and those with unfavorable ruling ($ 22,055.30). The records relate to the work of 24 leaders, whom the Attorney General's -the City area that these officials-controlled, removed from office. However, despite the irregularity, the AGCBA states that no actions were initiated for the leaders responsible for the damage to the state treasury.

The inspection body reproduces in its report adopted in 2008 on 2007 data, information compiled by the Internal Audit Unit of the Attorney General, which detected, paralyzed, or directly archived records corresponding to trials with a favorable judgment or execution judgment for more than $ 15 billion. It was also noted that 30 of the 69 presidents in office (43.3%) have filed lawsuits or paralyzed totaling more than $ 1 million.

Meanwhile, technicians at the AGCBA took a sample of 122 judgments about 4740 that began in 2007. From this analysis emerge cases with a "procedural inactivity" that enable an "expiry of jurisdiction" (5.74% of the sample); records without movement for more than 60 days (9.02%); judgments favorable judgments without movements (3.28%); and lack of speed in the notification of decisions (8.2%). In addition, it was discovered that the leaders do not ask precautionary measures to ensure that the sentences (40.9%) are effective.

Another irregularity found by the audit is that 78.7% of the samples examined the leaders are not fulfilling their task of loading into the computer tracking system trials (SISEJMan) all movements recorded the cases they manage.

According to the Directorate for Control of Trustees, which is under the purview of the Attorney General, when the work of the AGCBA had 570 025 active cases and cases filed in 2007 they amounted to a nominal total amount of $ 137,505,043.60.

Beyond the leaders, the watchdog also highlighted the weaknesses of coordination and communication between different areas of the city government involved in the transfer of debt: Government Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP), the Directorate General for Administration Violations and Enforcement own, whose control system "does not provide reasonable assurance" completed the audit of the City.