The overall electrical installation of the Cervantes Theater is "collapsing", meanwhile the wiring distributed through the lighting bars is "unsafe" and "poor". These are some of the conclusions contained in a report by the Comptroller General's Office (SIGEN, for its acronym in Spanish) adopted in 2008 on the system of internal control of the Buenos Aires cultural complex.

According to the agency, the emergency exits for the public are also fragile and the fixed fire system records "inadequacy and maintenance". More on this area: cleaning failure, backup lights and tabs connection lights are "inadequate".

On the artistic side, the Audit says production folders do not have documents to show whether controls between what is budgeted and the actual expenses of each work, to determine if cost deviations are made. In addition, "there is no procedure governing the annual production of the Theatre", the report added.

About handling money, the SIGEN stressed that in the Cervantes "there are no evidence mechanisms" that control the box’s revenues in relation to the schedule of activities of the cultural center. In fact, "a unique and clear timetable of each of the construction jobs carried out is not observed," explained the watchdog, explaining that this data would allow them to oversee the revenue generated and do further management analysis.

As for the items the Theater uses, the report states that "the use of inventory goods are outdated" there are no annual maintenance plan or controls on inputs that goes into every set design.

Whereas, from human resources, the entity detected "irregularities in the payment of overtime" and lack of controls before authorizing payments for services rendered.