In last week’s publication, The published that in the quartermaster's Coronel Moldes the legislature was notified of the annual budget through a copy that was left “a huis clos" in the city council building. But the audit found even more, this time related to a conflict with the Water and Electric Energy Society of the Government and some legal advice that never happened.

It all starts with the lack of tax payments by the Municipal Company of Water and Power for the activity developed in the Cabra Corral plant between 1981 and 1988. In August 2005, the then mayor of Moulds "signed a document of more than $4.7 million", therefore paying a debt, but "giving up any judicial or extrajudicial action."

In this situation, the municipality signed an agreement of "Management Consulting" with the Civil Partnership, Social, Cultural and Sports, DAR, "to perform the steps so that the municipality can charge" that money. In return, the company would receive 6.5% of the total amount that entered the quartermaster. The amount received by the Association, in November 2007, amounted to $582,000.

However, the auditors stated that "the City of Moldes paid for professional services that were not received" because "the records of the administration had not been delivered to them.”

But that's not all; the Audit of Salta found that "the president of the Association works in the address of the counsel to the quartermaster and from various writings the fact that it was his secretary arose.”

When It Rains, It Pours

To this we must add that when on July 31st, 2006 the agreement was signed with DAR to provide advice to the quartermaster, the Association "was disabled for hiring" and that "the process for approving and granting legal status was recently launched on September 8th of that year and awarded a month later.”

The report also states that "the company did not have in its objects the provision of legal services by hiring third parties" and that "there is no evidence that they were registered as a provider of state."

Accounting “Records”

In the annual report, the quartermaster recorded, under the item "Income Earned in Prior Years - Trials," $1.6 million corresponding to the accreditations of September. But "the rest of the operations performed to the end of the year" were not settled. It is important to note that "the sale of government bonds gave the town $6.8 million.

In this situation, the Audit of Salta said "budgetary accounting and financial registration was partial and incomplete." Meanwhile, the watchdog also stated that "in the accounting records of the association the income is not included for the agreement with the municipality."