In Tucuman, wrongfulness against health care at the University of the Province (ASUNT) for $ 745,336.88 was detected. The data came after the interim manager of the health service denounced "alleged irregularities in the functioning of the treasury department." So it emerged that between January and September 2006, the daily collection of the ASUNT was not deposited in the account that the learning campus has in the National Bank.

A report by the Comptroller General's Office (SIGEN, for its acronym in Spanish) adds that the University of Tucuman began an internal investigation and found irregularities reported by the interim manager.

The Watchdog also said that "there is no adequate, customary and periodic control of the detours that are generated in the implementation of the budget" and there are no records of income

The research also lists other irregularities, such as "expenses rendered with invalid vouchers and airfare -directly- without receipts." Also, receipts were issued "inadequately", such as without the entry of money.

The Audit analyzed the procurement processes of the University and noted that the Faculty of Dentistry, for example, a bill was given before the award and a purchase order was issued.

Moreover, it was verified that employees had settled a family wage even though there is no documentation to support that concept in their files and, in the case of non-teachers, wrong liquidations headings like "Unlike category" and "additional degree.”

Human resources, stressed that there SIGEN workers of health care at the University "perceived incompatible concepts," and that "certain items" are not backed up by laws.

On the receipt of goods, the report notes that the Department of Heritage has not updated inventories of several units of the University, and at the headquarters of Medicine, Architecture and Physical Education fire extinguishers have expired.