The report was adopted as Resolution 36/09 and published on the website of the AGN and verified a low degree of implementation of the funds allocated to the programs 33: "Matanza Riachuelo Basin Comprehensive Program" and 34 'Matanza Riachuelo Environmental Management.”

During the administration of the Secretariat Romina Picolotti the AGN detected for the program 33 records accruals of expenditures for twelve municipalities for a total of $ 1,149,675.20 in respect of transfers. Including the one held at the Municipality of Cordoba for $ 600,000 without verified stands no connection with the Riachuelo.

The rest of the transfers had an amount of 50 thousand pesos. Days ago the Association of Staff Agencies Control (APOC, for its acronym in Spanish) also released a similar report covering the first quarter of this year which is managed by Dr. Homer Bibiloni (see interview above). There, it is noted that they executed zero percent.