A report from the General Audit Office (AGN, for its acronym in Spanish) argues that the railway system in the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires "is not suitable" or "accessible" to persons with disabilities, and states that "those most affected are users who are in wheelchairs and move independently." According to the study, despite the infrastructure improvements made in the different lines, "it was not reached to comply with the premise accessibility," established in the regulations.

The report shows that in general, "the main constraint" is in "access to cars." The audit work was approved this year on data collected between June 2008 and March 2009, in order to verify the controls exercised by the National Commission for Transport Regulation (CNRT, for its acronym in Spanish) on compliance with accessibility standards.

In General Roca, for example, they had planned "lifting platform works." But the AGN, through an inspection "in situ", found that in the Constitution Square branch - A.Korn, "no repair was related to accessibility," and in the branch Constitution - Forests at the end of the audit, jobs "were not qualified."

Similarly, on Line San Martin, the accessibility barriers focus on "the difference between the level of car floor and the floor level of the platform, beyond the restrictions on admission to the seasons," says the report.

The audit detected from a survey, that all the 20 stations that make up the San Martin line, "55% need adaptations." It adds that "the one who is complying with the proposed legislation is the Sun and Green station which, being new has seen the basics that sends current regulations at the time of construction."

Of the 23 Urquiza Line stations inspected by the AGN twelve were "inaccessible" for "lack of regulatory dimensions ramps to access the area or platform lifts, lack of elevators for access to the platforms, etc."

It adds that these 23 stations "had only two bathrooms for the disabled in Federico Lacroze and Lynch." Although, in the latter, "it was found that the bathrooms were used as a place to rest and as a locker room for the Security Forces personal belongings.” 

While AGN verified that the Buenos Aires station Belgrano Sur line is "in very good condition" it presents "obstacles" because the "ramps" are "non-regulatory.”

Despite the shortcomings identified by the audit, the report claims that there are works being made to improve accessibility: "In the Roca line they are modernizing 70 towed cars that provide facilities for people with disabilities and the Sarmiento and Mitre lines, is running the modernization of 125 cars, in which special accommodations are included."