In 2003, the Ministry of Education's Office gave $ 82 million to renovate schools without having detailed information on the status of educational establishments in the provinces, and their needs, and cannot justify receipts for 70 percent of money transfers for the purchase of equipment for classrooms. These are some of the conclusions of the General Audit Office (AGN, for its acronym in Spanish), after an analysis of the Department of Infrastructure.

The study of the AGN notes that, in addition to the lack of information, the directorate didn’t have a "formalized approach" to distribute funds in the Districts, and controlled the effective implementation of the works that were to be performed.
In the chart of Education, Infrastructure is responsible for allocating the budget for construction sites, equipment purchase and provision of basic services such as water, gas and electricity. The money is sent to different portfolios, both provincial and municipal school boards. The reporting year, the area earmarked funds to equip 3,100 classrooms across the country, which was fulfilled to only 55% (1,700). Also, it was stipulated that the provision of services would reach 539 schools, but the utilities went only to 150 (28%).
On the lack of control, the AGN reviewed 108 construction projects in schools planned for 2003, of which the Department inspected only one. One of the privileges of Infrastructure is punishing jurisdictions that do not make a corresponding accountability for the money they are sent. But the audit found that in July 2003, $150 thousand were for a district that at the time of the report, in early 2005, had accounted only a third of the money, despite this, the funds transfers were never interrupted.

According to the AGN, the dependence of the Ministry filed other irregularities, like two cases in which money had been frozen due to a breach within the time stipulated for the work. In March 2004, for example, it had sent money to a province that called for tenders eight months later, and jurisdiction was benefited in November 2003 with $ 147 thousand for a school that eventually received the money in July of the next year.