The report published this year by the Court of Auditors of Mendoza "fixed charges and fines, applied in a joint manner to several members of the Board of the Central Hospital of Mendoza and to other administrative officials." The total amount of charges for payments of salaries, fees and improper advances is of $267,417.

The wrongdoings were alerted in the review made by the watchdog in 2009 on the accountability of the administrative, financial, and asset management for 2007. The comments "were not treated properly, therefore, the decision No. 15.830 of March of this year" calling upon the officials to pay out of their own pockets.
In some cases, the sums each must pay reaches $ 107,800, as in the first situation described by the audit, which deals with the payment of salary advances that were "not returned" adding up to $267,004.96, for the balance of 31 / 12/2007. According to the agency, "in 2008 the money was not returned by the employees nor was the amount deducted directly from their accounts."

Those responsible "did not refund the money with their pay checks and to make matters worse they advised a number of measures to be taken by the current authorities seeking to recover the loans in question." Meanwhile, the claim on the advances "prescribed". Thus, the charges totaled $215,598.85, "making responsible for the payments the Chief Administrative Officer and the Accounting Area".

The ruling also says that "the Executive Director and a member of the Executive Board, responsible for service physicians Thoracic Surgery and abdomen, signed agreements for different amounts." The watchdog said that officials could not get those extras because "they hold lower positions," even though "the doctors justified their intervention because of a shortfall of qualified doctors in the province."

The action "violates" the Statute of Public Employees, which says, "every agent should refuse rewards to mark the performance of their duties" and "receiving contracts directly or indirectly." Based on the foregoing, the Executive Director and three other members of the Hospital Board shall pay, jointly and together the total sum of $8,635.74.

Another irregularity identified by the Court had to do with "payments to two members of the Board" for issues like "salary advances not returned, without justifying outflows, advances in chest surgery, irrelevant for the positions they hold." The Mendoza Court noted that these expenditures "could not be supported with documentation."

For the amount received and not justified, plus interest, the Executive Director of the Hospital had a fine for $8,326.74 and a member of Dr. Guillermo Gil directory for $1,598.68. In addition, by paying unjustified amounts, the Administrative Manager shall pay $ 8,326.74 and the Chief Accountant $3,182.58. 

Moreover, the report explains that the Board of the Hospital "authorized the payment of an additional of the Assistance Manager and Deputy Manager of the care unit, until the effective reclassification of its functions occurs." The Court held that "it is not within the functions of the board to grant these additional actions as fees."

For this reason, the monitoring agency of Mendoza decided to impose a charge in solidarity for "amounts incorrectly paid" to the members of the Board of the Central Hospital (Executive Director, Member of the Executive Board, non-professional Board Members, professional Board Members) and the Administrative Manager for $19,901.11 and the Chief Accounting Area for granting payments for $10,173.46.