"Illegal Procedure." As was described the Court of Auditors of the province of Mendoza upon actuation of Professor Jorge Rodriguez, who issued original receipts for more than the amount stated in the duplicates. This action was revealed in 2010 when the watchdog reviewed the accountability of the General Directorate of Schools and Educational Camps 2009. Consequently, the teacher charged $6.586,58. 

According to the Watchdog, the teacher "had original receipts issued -for Education Camps- educational activities for greater than the duplicates receipts declared amount." The first delivered it to the school setting and the second was filed in the Directorate General of Schools and Camps. Thus the teacher charged "higher amounts than those determined by the Honorable Council of Public Education."

An example is the duplicate receipt No. 4035 dated May 19th, 2009 it was admitted to the State for an amount of $ 992 in concept to the Colonia Papagallos. While the original, which in this case was given to the school San Luis Gonzaga, was made in the amount of $ 3,232. The difference in favor of Rodriguez, a figure not declared to the address in question was $ 2,240.

Facing the analysis of all documentation, the Court of Auditors from Mendoza determined that "the amount not paid to the Directorate of Schools and Colonies was $ 5.539,00". To this is added "the legal interests of $ 1.047,58, so the finished value amounting to a total of $ 6.586,58".

For this "illegal procedure" the teacher was "detached from the organization" preventing him from returning to work for the Directorate of Schools and Colonies. It also has a complaint with the Prosecutor No. 1 Office of the City of Mendoza and the Court of Auditors has formulated a charge for $ 6586.58, an amount that subsequently the control body will turn to the Treasury of Educational Camps.

Finally, the Court of Auditors of Mendoza decided to "approve the accountability presented -for the Address- except as noted" earlier on the actions of Rodriguez.